About Me

Dan Stenabaugh

If you are developing a Remodeling, Reconstruction, Home Improvement or Restoration company and could use some help increasing the flow of new business and at the same time help your existing customers keep up to date about the latest developments in your business and broader industry, we should talk. I have a good idea what your customers are looking for.

For 30 years I wore most of the same hats that you wear every day. I remodeled homes, built decks and additions, tiled kitchens, and baths, restored fire and water damaged property, wrote specs, estimated residential, light commercial and public works projects, and developed an extensive list of satisfied customers.

Why is this important?

Simply this

During my years as a licensed building contractor, I worked side by side with the very people you meet and help every day. Many of the questions you hear from them are the same questions I have heard and answered along the way. This includes your employees as well as your subs.

I know and understand both sides of the equation – your perspective as well as your customers’.

I can help customize the right message and provide clear and concise ideas your prospects want and need to hear. I can speak about the real benefits your customers are looking for from your company – the core emotional benefits that persuade them to buy.

What kind of construction work have I done?

  • 30 years as a licensed general contractor
  • 30 years remodeling residential and light commercial property.
  • 30 years of fire and water damage restoration
  • 30 years writing project specifications and estimating residential and light commercial renovation projects.
  • 20 years as a licensed ceramic/mosaic tile contractor.
  • 7 years’ experience estimating, bidding, completing public works projects.

For the past 7 years, I’ve been studying, training, and improving my business-to-business copywriting skills as well.

How my content supports your business.

To build awareness of your unique products and services, encourage customer commitment, and support long term satisfaction and customer retention, all or even just one of the following tools can be used.

  • Newsletters to focus on useful information with your distinctive voice, exclusive offers which lead to increased sales, satisfied customers, and ongoing loyalty.
  • Blog posts with topics of current interest.
  • Articles about the latest industry developments.
  • E-mail broadcasts/campaigns with reminders about seasonal maintenance, product warranties, etc.
  • Sales brochures
  • Case Studies of extraordinarily successful projects
  • E-books, product papers
  • Custom Ideas to Suit Your Needs – The possibilities are endless

The Benefits to you can be significant.

Simply stated, my goal is to present you, my client, as a trustworthy expert. Someone your customers can get to know, like and trust. Someone they want to do business with.

If you would prefer a seasoned professional working side by side with you rather than an amateur copywriter who needs to be coached every step of the way, please call me at (585) 507-9617 and leave a message or send a message to dan@remodelingcopywriter.com and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

In the meantime, you can look around my website www.remodelingcopywriter.com to learn more about the copywriting projects I’m working on.