Does your customer know your unique sales proposition

Does your customer know your unique sales proposition? In the language of online marketing your unique sales proposition is the promise you make to all your customers. It is the statement that makes a promise your customer understands. It is what you do that is unique to your business. Your USP is what you stand for.

In your USP you are offering a solution in a way your customers understand.This could be stated directly or merely implied, but the customer will have an emotional reaction every time they hear or read your promise.

An example used by a fertilizer company called Weed Man is their tagline “Come home to Green”.

Their webpage shows a beautifully manicured green lawn.

The customer feels what their lawn will look like when they come home after a long day on the job.

If a customer has a patchy, weed filled lawn in need of some serious improvement, they will contact Weed Man for a consultation to see what the company could do for their property. Their USP is implied but the message is clear – it says you can have a beautiful green lawn, if you hire us.

What does your Unique statement say about you?

How do you create your USP

Creating a compelling USP starts with thinking about the implicit promise your business makes every time you sign a contract.

When you tap into your prospect’s hidden motivations, you can turn them into buyers. There are dozens of motivators you can use. Here are a few that work well:

  • More time — for themselves, their family, their interests
  • Comfort — ease and convenience
  • More Money — to save, spend, or give to others
  • Popularity — to be liked by friends, family, co-workers, and others
  • Praise — for their intelligence, knowledge, appearance, and other qualities
  • Security — in their home, in old age, financial, and independence
  • Leisure — for travel, hobbies, rest, play, and self-improvement
  • Prestige — feeling important, a member of a select group, or having power
  • Enjoyment — food, drink, entertainment, and other physical contacts
  • Health — strength, vigor, endurance, longer life
  • Envy — having something others desire
  • Ego gratification — to support or enhance their self-image
  • Social advancement — keeping up with the neighbors, moving in the right social circles

As you work on any kind of copywriting or content writing project for a client, make sure it includes one or several of these prospect motivators.

Do you offer peace of mind, safety, protection, comfort, pleasure, personal satisfaction? Pride in ownership? Status? Can you make one encompassing statement about the services you offer or one compelling value you give to each customer?

Do you offer some exceptional value, the best price, award winning design? Are you the leader in your industry?

What emotionally compelling idea comes to mind when your customers read communication from you? Does your message resonate with your customer on a deep emotional level?

Remember, when a customer buys from you they do so from an emotional point of view first. The logic comes later.

Here are a couple of ideas that speak to a USP

“To know us, is to know the meaning of quality” – Quality Home Remodeler

Your time is our priority” – Fire and Water Restoration Contractor

“Your home is where our heart is” – Interior Design

“Basements are for living too” – Waterproofing and Interior Remodeler

The fact is, often that extraordinary element is something you take for granted. You may not think the things you do are that different from everybody else, but you need to realize not everybody else is telling their customers about that uniqueness. Just telling the facts will set you apart from your competition.

The whole idea behind a USP is to speak to a problem, concern, pain point the customer needs a solution for and state that in an emotionally compelling way. It gives your customer a clear idea of what you stand for. And when you offer this in an honest and sincere way you will build instant trust, which will lead down the road to a satisfied and loyal customer.

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