Help your customers achieve success

Given the growing importance of online communication today, isn’t it time you put the most effective tools to work to help your customers achieve success?

Just as you wouldn’t use outmoded equipment in your daily operations, why keep trying to use marketing methods that have been replaced by newer, more effective techniques?

I help you write valuable web content for small to mid-sized companies in the Remodeling Industry based on my 30 years’ experience as a Licensed General Building/Remodeling Contractor.

My clients find me because they are looking for someone with the right combination of construction/remodeling experience and content writing skills.

Contractors need someone who can understand the complex nature of the construction process and convey useful company and industry specific information to new and existing customers.

I help your company do this with the latest marketing campaigns available in your industry today.

You probably work with many trusted specialists and advisors – architects, engineers, specialty contractors, accountant, financial planner, etc.

Why not add an experienced strategic web content writer to your team.

I will work with you every step of the way from concept to on-time completion.

If you are looking for a highly cost effective sub to help you with your content writing needs, I’m sure I can help you out..

Stay up to date on the latest Online Marketing Practices for Remodelers

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If you’d like to chat about your ideas, reach out to me at or call me at (585) 507-9617.