The Four Key Stages to Online Marketing Success

Developing a strong and consistent customer base is the key to your long term online marketing success. When done correctly this process goes through 4 easy to learn stages.

Today, online shoppers have hundreds of companies to chose from. If your company can show a potential customer that you understand their desires, problems and concerns, they will see you as an authority and want to do business with you.

Build Awareness

The first stage in the buyer’s journey builds awareness of your products and services. Blog posts, free reports, and case studies are a few of the many tools you can use to begin to demonstrate the benefits of working with your company.

As the reader of your content becomes more and more familiar with your business, they will begin to look more deeply into how the can engage your help with their specific project.

Linking Copy

At this next stage you direct their attention to a specific page on your website where you can offer them links to the type of projects they may want.

You can link them to pages that show your expertise in such specialties as windows and doors, roofing, kitchens and baths, patios and even unique service like in-home elevators. You can highlight exactly how you can help them. These pages will ask your prospect to take an action that will move them closer to becoming a buyer.

You are probaby beginning to see how taking these steps allow your customers a way to feel that they are choosing you. They are the hero in their story and they will see you as their trusted guide. A basic truth about the buying journey is that no on likes to be sold. Your customers and potential customers are no different. They want to come to a buying decision on their own terms and in their own way.

Using this staged approach with enable them to make decision that are right for them.

Copy asking for committment

After your new prospect feels comfortable that you could be their guide, you can be confident that now is this time to ask them to buy.

As few methods you could use are direct sales letters, offers of a free consultation, a request that they contact you directly to discuss their project.  By now you will seem like family to your new customer. They will feel like they know you and look forward to getting together and working with you.

Retention copy and content

Now that your customer has decided to work with it is very important that the lines of communication remain open.

Regular emails and newsletter are an excellent way to retain and build on this new relationship.

Final thoughts

Building a strong customer relationship can be done by following a proven procees of engagement. Your customers will be happy to learn about you and be much more willing to do business with you. Following these steps will demonstrate your committment to their satisfaction from start to finish.

Over time I will be adding addition ideas that speak to these stages.

In the meantime you may want to receive new ideas as soon as they become available.

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