Three Best Tools to Help Build Customer Awareness.

Today I want to discuss the three best tools to use to help build customer awareness and move prospects from engaged buyers to satisfied customers.

You know you have the best crew in the county. Your work has been highly praised by community groups and many past customers. Clients, when they walk in and see the project you just completed for them give it the “wow” factor. They are proud to tell their friends about your work and give you glowing recommendations.

You work hard at your business. You and your crews put in long hours making sure that you are able to offer the best services possible.

This is commendable and works well when times are good and jobs seems to becoming from everywhere.

The problem is new visitors to your site only see what is right before them. They don’t know you. They come, click around, and, if they don’t feel engaged, they move on to the next company. Many recipients of promotional emails grow tired of relentless sales pitches, and barely get past the title before they hit the spam button. The same can hold true for subscribers to your blog or YouTube channel. A poorly written blog or email will have your customers moving on to new discoveries.

“According to a study from McKinsey & Company Marketing, 60% of consumers worldwide have changed their shopping behaviors—which has resulted in changes in brand loyalty to what provides value, is available, and is convenient. This shift in behavior means it’s more important than ever for you to make sure that your customers are aware of all your services and have a strong, continuous communication link to your company”.

In order for companies today to continue to grow they will need to reach their customers in the way that the customers have become accustomed to being engaged.

In order to do this your company needs to provide content that is genuinely helpful to your audience and hits the right tone of empathy and respect.

The days of going out to see a customers project on a Saturday morning are slowly but assuredly fading into the past. That isn’t to say that the warm face to face relationships are not important. They certainly are. The difference today rests in the way that customers are being made aware of the opportunities available to them.

Your company might be the best Solar panel installer in the county. But if one of your customers reads an article about the disadvantages of installing solar panels on their roof, you could lose out on that business.

On the other hand, if you provided regular useful ideas about the benefits of solar installations to your customer via engaging blog posts and regular e-newsletters, you can remain ahead of the negative press and potentially turn a sceptic into an informed and satisfied customer.

The quickest and most direct way to reach your prospects and past customers is to provide them access to your knowledge and guidance via blogs, email campaigns and video. These tools have become the best ways to keep in touch and remain the knowledge authority in your field.

Your customers spend hours on line and if they can’t find you there, they will find someone else.

But much like the time it has taken you to learn your skill is it takes time to build solid business relationships that can help sustain your business over the long haul.

The Best tools to use to Build Customer Awareness

Blogs and Articles

The main purpose of copywriting is to help move your prospects from awareness to buyer and on to a happy customer. This process takes time and fits well with the way that most people make a buying decision. People do not like to be sold. High pressure is rarely effective, when a prospect senses that there is pressure to buy they are more likely to walk away. This holds true in web content forms as much as it does on the showroom floor.

Think about the last time you went to a car dealership. Was the salesperson pushy and overbearing or were they considerate and open to your questions and concerns.

If you want to generate a steady list of informed and engaged customers, you will need to build an awareness in their minds about your company and what you can do to help them reach their goals. You will do this if you position yourself as their trusted guide.

Regular blog posts and articles that address their interests and needs is a sure way to keep your customers engaged with your company. See more ways to improve customer communications. Details here.


If your newsletter is engaging and useful, your readers will see you as an authority who is interested is helping them find solutions to their problems and not just trying to make a quick sale. The new buyer is fickle and can be easily distracted by all the fancy promises and come ons on Facebook and Tik-tok.

Businesses use various forms of content marketing to reach new and existing customers.

According to HubSpot 81% of B2B marketers say e-newsletters are their main form of content marketing.

Many companies use e-newsletters to keep new leads engaged in their services. New prospect attention can be noticeably short lived, if they don’t feel that their needs are being met, they are gone before finishing the first paragraph. And that is very unfortunate. Without well-presented information your potential customers lose out on the best you have to offer.

They may never know that you are an award-winning company with the highest satisfaction rating of all the Remodelers in the local community.

This happens all the time.


Today’s fast-paced world has engendered an ever-growing supply of video content. In fact

  • 89% of companies say video is good for their ROI.
  • 83% say videos help with lead generation
  • 87% say videos have increased traffic to their website and
  • 89% say videos have directly helped increase their sales

Many of these videos are short snippets that highlight project activities or brief encounters with a customer on the jobsite. They are easy to script and don’t require a production studio and a lot of expensive equipment. In fact, you may already be using videos to document your project activities. These videos can be added to your other content marketing activities.

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